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Push notifications and how to enable them (Android)
Push notifications and how to enable them (Android)

Get useful alerts and reminders on your device with push notifications.

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What are push notifications?

A push notification is simply a message that pops up on your mobile device. By allowing push notifications, this mean Five Good Friends can alert and direct you to important information without you having to open the app and check for yourself.

Push notifications can help out with a lot of things; for example, we can notify you when a visit is due to begin, remind you to check-out, and even alert you about new opportunities to get more work.

How to enable push notifications (Android)

Push notifications are typically automatically enabled on Android devices, meaning you have probably received them already. If you're not receiving any, it could be for the following reasons...

Check that you have notifications turned on in 5GF notification settings
First things first, you need to check if you've got notifications turned on in the 5GF app.

  1. Open the 5GF app and navigate to the Notifications tab (bottom right). 

  2. Tap the button labeled "Settings."

  3. Turn "Push" on for the notifications you'd like to receive that way. You can also opt for email if that is your preference.

If you're still not receiving notifications, check that you haven't turned notifications off

If at any point you denied access or turned notifications off from 5GF and would like to turn them back on, you can do the following:

  1. Find the 5GF app on your phone and long tap by pressing and holding on the 5GF icon. 

  2. A dropdown menu should appear. Select "App Info".

  3. Select "Notifications" from the 5GF App Info menu. 

  4. Make sure "Show notifications" is switched On.

  5. You also want to check that the different types of notifications we send are switched on beneath as well (e.g. check-in reminder, check-out reminder, opportunities, etc.).

I don't have a notifications tab or can't find notifications?

It sounds like you need to update the Five Good Friends app. This means that you are currently using an older version of the app and don't have the latest version installed which includes the notifications feature. Please visit the following support article to learn how to update your app:

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