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How do I check-in and out of a visit?
How do I check-in and out of a visit?

Recording the time you started and finished a visit. Leaving good notes and providing feedback about the wellbeing of the Member.

Written by William Garton
Updated over a week ago

When you visit a member, you should check in and out so your invoice is accurate and the family knows when you are there and for how long.

To check in and out of a visit:

  1. Tap on the visit.

  2. Tap on Check In.

  3. When the visit is complete, tap on Check Out.

  4. Leave a quality notes. We want to know about any changes you’ve noticed.

  5. Give the visit a rating based on the wellbeing of the Helper.

  6. Make any adjustments to the Start and Finish time.

  7. Tab Finish.

Leaving a good note on check-out

Notes are a great way to communicate directly with your Care Manager.  A note is designed to provide clear timely communication about the Member, their schedule or the visit. 

As a Helper, you have special insight into the day-to-day lives of the Members you help. Any information you share can help make a huge impact in a Member’s life and ongoing care.

A change, even a small one, can be an early indicator of a bigger problem. We want to know about any changes you’ve noticed so we know if there’s anything else we can do as a team to better support a member.

If the matter is urgent (needs to be addressed immediately or within the next work day) or it posses a risk to the service a Member has requesting or is expecting then please contact the Care Manager immediately and directly via mobile phone.  Notes may not be read for a couple of days.  

You are also most welcome to leave a note providing more general feedback and comments which do not require action, we love getting your notes!

When can a Helper check-in:

Up to 1 hour before the scheduled check in time and up to 72 hours after the scheduled check out time.

When can a Helper check-out?

Any time, as long as the visit was checked in first.

What default Started At and Finished At times are used at check-out?

The Started At and Finished At times times default to the scheduled visit times.

When does a Helper have to leave a comment?

When the variance is greater than 15 minutes.

How much is a Helper allowed to adjust times at check-out (e.g. Variance tolerance)?

Up to 5 hours in addition to the scheduled duration. That is, if a visit was scheduled for 2 hours, a helper can adjust the check in and check out times so that the duration would become 7 hours.

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