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Can I drive a Member or Auth Reps car?
Can I drive a Member or Auth Reps car?

Driving a car that is not your own during a visit.

Written by William Garton
Updated over a week ago

Yes you may drive a Member or Authorised Representatives vehicle for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of a service / visit for a Member after ensuring the following;

  • You have provided a copy of your current driver's licence to Five Good Friends as part of the on-boarding processes

  • The vehicle you will be driving is registered (CTP insured) and fully comprehensively ensured 

  • The owner of the vehicle has given you expressed permission to do so 

It is important to understand that this arrangement is only in place for the agreed service you have been requested to provide to the Member.

You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle and driving infringements whilst you are using the vehicle.

You must comply with the Transportation Policy and seek advice form the Care Manager if you are unsure.

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