How do I cancel or change a visit?

For visit cancellations please contact your Helper directly first. If you don't have their phone number, this is accessible via our App. Their phone number can be found by selecting their visit (See this article for more details). The Helper will then inform your Care Manager.

How do I extend a visit?

If you would like to extend your visit please notify your Helper either in person or by phone as soon as possible. If your Helper is available to extend this visit they will let you know. Your Helper will inform your Care Manager. You may be asked to confirm the visit extension by your Care Manager.  

We understand emergencies do arise and we like to be accommodating to your care needs. Please try and give your Helpers as much notice as possible before making changes.

If you would like to make permanent changes to your Help Schedule please contact your Care Manager.

How do I see today's Help Schedule?
How do I access my account?
How do I activate my account?
How do I get the iPhone app?

Need Help?

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