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A new feature - Verifications

Update your verifications quickly and simply via the app.

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At Five Good Friends, we are always working to increase our app's functionality to allow you to do the great work you do, and deliver amazing care and support to our Members.

We now have a new Five Good Friends app feature – Verifications that allows you to update your verifications quickly and simply.

What is a Verification?

A verification at Five Good Friends proves you can provide care support as a Helper.

For example, a National Police Check demonstrates tat we are ensuring a safe environment for our Members, and qualifications show that you have the skill and knowledge for a task.

The new feature – Verifications

Our new feature allows you to track and update your verification documentation in the app.

At Five Good Friends, we want to work with you to ensure your verification details remain correct and up-to-date.

As you know, the Australian Aged Care Quality Standards and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Practice Standards require Helpers in the community to have essential verifications. We put them on your Five Good Friends Helper profile to ensure you can build your membership base and be matched with more Members.

If they are not provided, there may be disruption to your Member visits. The great news is that the app will now alert you when verifications are about to expire.

In addition, the new verification feature will also allow you to screenshot and upload these critical documents yourself via the app.

What do I need to do?

You just need to follow these simple steps to maintain your Helper compliance.

Step 1
You will now see the verification tab in your app.

Step 2

You will receive a notification like the one below if you have any expiring/expired verifications, please open this tab.

Step 3

Once the tab is open, you will see which verifications are expiring. Choose the document you are required to upload. Please take a photo or screenshot. Then save the image to your phone and upload the relevant image.

When you take a photo of your document, you must capture the entire document. Please include all borders and provide a clear and readable image, as per the example below.

Step 4

You will be notified whether the verification you supplied is approved or rejected.

If it has been rejected, you will be given a reason why and given an additional opportunity to re-submit.

I have more questions

If you need any support or have any questions, please contact our Helper Support Team at 1300 787 581 or email us [email protected].

We want to partner with you to continue to provide amazing care to Five Good Friends Members!

We really thank you for everything you do and look forward to growing our community of Helpers.

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