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Overview of the self-managed app features for Helpers
Overview of the self-managed app features for Helpers

Accepting requests and proposing visits.

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Self-managed is a style of care and support delivery for Members who want to manage their care and support themselves. Five Good Friends self-managed offering allows Members to completely manage their own support from signup to negotiating rates and visits with Helpers and booking in services.

Choice and control are essential for people who wish to self-manage – but it’s vital to offer this experience without compromising on our values of high-quality care. Matching Helpers to Members is an important aspect of quality service delivery. In our research, families regularly tell us about the confidence and reassurance you feel from having the same trusted people in their homes. Helpers also tell us how much this improves their experience and their ability to provide help and support.

This article will show you how the self-managed features work for Helper.

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Accepting requests from Members

You will receive notifications about new requests from Members. You can review their profile, and decide if you want to engage with them. If you decide to connect, you will be empowered to communicate directly with the Member to discuss the opportunity, negotiate services, rates and propose the first visit. We encourage you to also arrange an initial meet-and-greet in a public place or via video chat to confirm you are happy to provide services to the Member.

Creating a visit proposal

When you and the Member are ready, you can propose your first visit. The Member will need to accept the proposal before a service can occur. The proposal can be adjusted as many times as is needed by you before the Member accepts it. The Member can request changes through the chat interface.

Proposing changes to a visit

At any time before the visit, the Member can request a change. If the visit is in the next 24 hours, you can ask the Member to pay for the visit even if it's not going ahead – this is at your discretion. Requesting changes to a visit can be negotiated through the Member chat thread. You can edit the visit, and the Member will receive a new visit proposal. They will need to accept this proposal before the service can take place.

Additional proposals and visits

At any point, after the first visit is accepted, you can make additional visits proposals. Each of these will come through to the Members as a notification. They must accept each proposal before it will appear in your schedule.

More questions?

If you have more questions about Five Good Friends self managed membership, please contact the Helper Team on 1300 787 581 or email [email protected].

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