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Things you "should know" and "must do" as a Helper
Things you "should know" and "must do" as a Helper

A way for your Care Team to share changes to a Members routine Helpers should know about and important things Helpers must do.

Written by William Garton
Updated over a week ago

Updates you should know about.

Sometimes there are one-off things you need to know about that may differ to a Member’s Help Plan or usual routine. For example, a warning about a recent health issue or a change to a Member’s schedule for that day. You'll be given a heads up by a yellow alert on your schedule.

Important things you must do.

Occasionally we need you carry out an important duty during a visit and report back to us how it went. A Care Coordinator may need you to ask the Member a question like what brand of product they prefer to use. Or maybe you need to record whether a Member took their medication. These will appear in your schedule as orange alerts. Importantly, you will need to respond to these before you can check-out. Your response is then sent directly to the Care Team to action.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, please contact the Five Good Friends Customer Support Team on 1300 787 581 or contact [email protected].

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