We have a philosophy that Members should only tell us their story once. Their story, goals, and, expectations are captured in a living document known as the Help Plan. It should outline what you are doing for the Member, and what you are doing with the Member, as well as anything you need to be aware of to deliver great outcomes for the Member.

To see your Member's Help Plan:

  1. Go to the "People" tab.

  2. Select the Member you'd like to view the Help Plan of.

  3. Select "Help Plan" from the menu.

You can also see your Member's Help Plan when you open a visit you're about to check-in to:

Common Questions

Can I suggest changes to the Help Plan?
Yes, you are encouraged to suggest changes. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. When you check-out of a visit the notes you leave to the Care Manager may be used to change the Help.

  2. You can contact the Care Manager directly and make your suggestions.

How do I know the last time the Help Plan was updated?
The Help Plan in the app is always the most up-to-date version. If you scroll to the bottom of the Help Plan there is timestamp indicating the last time the Help Plan was updated.

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