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How do I see my Help Plan?

Or, how do I see my loved one's Help Plan as an Authorised Representative?

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We have a philosophy that you should only tell us your story once. Your story, goals, and, expectations are captured in a living document known as your Help Plan. It should outline what we are doing for you, and what we are doing with you, as well as anything we need to be aware of to deliver great outcomes for you.

To see your Help Plan with the App:

  1. Go to the People tab

  2. Go to your or your loved ones name

  3. Go to Help Plan

Common Questions

How do I change my Help Plan?
Your Care Manager can update your Help Plan at your request.

You are strongly encouraged to be a part of writing your Help Plan. The best Help Plans are the ones you help write.

Who can see my Help Plan?
Your Care Team, your Helpers, and your Authorised Representative can see your Help Plan.

Helpers who are no longer matched to you will not be able to see your Help Plan. Sharers, billing recipients, and emergency contacts will never be able to see your Help Plan.

How do I know the last time the Help Plan was updated?
The Help Plan in the App is always the most update.

If you scroll to the bottom of the Help Plan there is timestamp indicated the last time the Help Plan was updated.

I don't use a smartphone. Is there another way I can get the Help Plan?
Yes, you can request a PDF copy of the Help Plan that can be printed out.

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