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How do I find other people in my Member's Care Team?
How do I find other people in my Member's Care Team?
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From June 14th, 2022 we introduced a new Care Team structure. The changes we are making can be summarised very simply.

More resources, new specialised roles, better communication.

Supporting Members will be an expanded and dedicated team comprising a Care Coordinator, Helper Coordinator and Care Specialist.

What are the different roles in a Care Team?

Care Coordinator: Coordinates Members day to day care and support. They will be the main and regular contact in the Five Good Friends Care Team. They will be the first person a Member speaks to after the Customer Service Team.

Helper Coordinator: Focuses on matching and rostering with Helpers. They will speak to Members about helpers and visits.

Care Specialist: Focuses on providing clinical leadership and support for more complex Member needs. One of their key functions is to stay on top of our remote care monitoring and alerts raised about a Member’s health and wellbeing.

Contacting the Care Team and other Helpers

You may want to contact your Member's Care Team or another Helper in the Primary Care Team to swap a visit or share important information. When sharing information also consider whether this information should be shared with the Care Coordinator.

To find the names of the Care Team or other Helpers in the Primary Team:

  1. Go to the People tab

  2. Go to the Member you want to see the Care Team or other Helpers

  3. Go to Care Team

  4. Look underneath the header Primary Care Team to see all the names of the Care Team or other Helpers who are on the Primary Team. You can tap one of their cards to give them a call.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, please contact the Customer Support Team on 1300 787 581 or email [email protected].

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