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How do I claim expenses?

What to do when a Helper buys something for a Member.

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As a Helper, it is very important to remember that expenses must be first agreed by the Member or Authorised Representative and incurred as part of the provision of service to the Member.

Expenses are claimed by either;

  • Providing a tax invoice/receipt to the Member or Authorised Representative directly for reimbursement

  • Providing a tax invoice/receipt to [email protected] together with the name of the Member for whom the expense relates.  The expense will be invoiced to the Member on your behalf and paid to you

Should there be ongoing transactions as part of the service provided to a Member (e.g. shopping) then a Member or Authorised Representative can set up a specific debit card for these purposes.

Know your tax deductions

Tax deductions are certain expenses you have incurred to earn your income.

As a sole trader other expenses not attributable to the Member or agreed on are your responsibility.  You may be able to claim these under your ABN as part of your tax return.

Keeping track of these expensex will enable you to reduce your taxable income before your tax is calculated.

On the Five Good Friends Helper Hub, a dedicated resource just for Helpers, you can find an article on claiming expenses as a tax deduction.

It is a great idea to review the ATO's advice on deductions to make sure everything you plan to claim is allowable.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, please contact the Five Good Friends Customer Support Team on 1300 787 581 or contact [email protected].

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