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Setting Helper rates for Aged Care Members
Setting Helper rates for Aged Care Members
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As an independent contractor working on the Five Good Friends platform, you can determine the rates you charge for the Members you help.

Helper Default Rates

Five Good Friends publishes and reviews a set of default Helper rates for Aged Care Members each year to make it easy.

For most Helpers, we believe that setting a default gross rate of $50.50/hour on a weekday (before your expenses) strikes an outstanding balance between fantastic affordability for Members and ensuring that you earn.

Our overall recommended default rates for Aged Care or private services
effective from 21 July 2022 are reflected in the table below;

You’ll earn (net pay)

You’ll charge clients




Premium hourly



12 hour overnight block



24 hour low care block



24 hour high care block



Factors to consider when setting default Helper rates

A simple rule is to make sure that you choose an affordable hourly rate for your Members while remaining profitable for you after you take costs into account.

Costs may include transport, professional memberships, training to gain new skills/certifications and the Five Good Friends platform fee.

You may also decide to change your default hourly rate depending on your qualifications or competencies that you have attained or specific skills that you can offer to your Members and their families.

Keep in mind, however, that the higher you set your default hourly rate, the fewer hours of your time your Members may be able to afford.

Changing rates

It is important to recognise that these are our recommended rates. As an
independent contractor, you always have the opportunity to set your own

If you wish to adjust anything, you must consider a fair and competitive
rate for your services. Many of our Members are operating on tight
budgets and have specific support needs – it’s essential to strike a
balance that works for both Helpers and Member

If you wish to consider changing your default rates, please let us know by
contacting your Helper Coordinator through the Customer Support Centre on 1300 787 581.

It is the Member's choice what rates they accept.

Helper Rates for NDIS Members

There are various set rates for NDIS Members – visit our NDIS rates page for further information or the Support Article here.

Rates for Weekends and Public Holidays

Regarding weekends and public holidays, we encourage all Helpers to make sure they have set a rate that they are happy to charge on weekends and public holidays.

We never want to see Members choose not to receive help on weekends because prices are too high, but we ask helpers to ensure they are happy with the rates they charge on weekends and public holidays to reflect their true value.

If you wish to consider changing your default rates, please let us know by
clicking here.

Travel Costs

We are very aware that the cost of fuel has had a big impact on your work
in and around the community. We are developing new ways to better
calculate and recoup these costs and expect to be back in contact with
more detail on this initiative next month.

The Five Good Friends Platform Fee

We want to partner with Helpers and create a place where Helpers love what they do and feel valued, supported and in control. We want Helpers to be focused on what they do best, caring for and supporting our Members.

Five Good Friends platform fee covers many expenses a sole trader has typically to cover. We want Helpers to succeed. You can read more about the Platform Fee here.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about setting your rates, please contact the Customer Support Team on 1300 787 581 press option 3 or [email protected].

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