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Recommending a Helper

Let a Helper know when they're doing a great job by sharing a recommendation for them in the Five Good Friends app or website.

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Which of your Helpers do you think are outstanding at what they do? 🌟

Let a Helper know when they've done a great job by rewarding them with a recommendation. You can now recommend a Helper for services they excel at or skills and traits you'd like to commend them for.

Every now and then, you may receive a prompt from us via email or push notification to recommend one of your Helpers. This is completely optional and up to your discretion. Otherwise, if you'd like to recommend your Helper at any point in time you can also do as follows:

How to recommend a Helper

  1. Open up the Five Good Friends app on your phone or tablet, or log in to your account on the website.

  2. Navigate to "People".

  3. Scroll down the list and select a Helper you'd like to recommend. This will open their profile.

  4. On their profile, look for a button labelled "Recommend."

  5. You'll now be stepped through a form to submit a recommendation for that Helper. You'll be able to recommend them for a service they provide, or for their skills or traits.

How do recommendations work?

Recommendations help to verify the skills and traits of your Helpers. When you recommend a Helper for something, this shares an upvote on their profile for the skills or traits you recommended them for. The more upvotes a Helper has against something, the more proof that the Helper is commendable in that regard:

A screenshot of our app demonstrating a Helper has received a recommendation for domestic assistance and their experience regarding epilepsy.

These 'upvotes' are shared amongst Five Good Friends staff so they're made aware of who is doing a good job, and at what in particular. This helps other Members to find quality Helpers to match with, plus it helps your Helpers to potentially find more work. It's a win-win!

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