As an independent contractor using Five Good Friends to run your own business, its up to you to determine the default rate which you charge for the Members you help.

A simple rule is to make sure that you choose a default hourly rate which is fair and competitive to your Members, but also profitable for you after you take your costs into account. These costs may include your cost of transport, professional memberships, training to gain new skills/certifications as well as the Five Good Friends platform fee.

You may also decide to change your default hourly rate depending on your qualifications or competencies that you have attained, or specific skills that you can offer to your Members and their families. Keep in mind however that the higher you set your default hourly rate, the fewer hours of your time your Members may be able to afford.

For most Helpers, we believe that choosing to set a default gross rate of $42.90/hour (before your expenses) strikes a great balance between fantastic affordability for Members while ensuring that you earn more.

You can choose to change your default rates at any time by speaking with your Care Manager. This will change the rate you charge to any new Members you form a contract with. Your existing contracts will not change.

On Five Good Friends, you can set the following rates:

  • A single flat rate for hourly care (all services and including nights, weekends and holidays)

  • A 12 hour overnight visit rate

  • 24 hour block rate.

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