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How do we find you Members who match?
How do we find you Members who match?

Fostering long and happy working relationships for you and your Members.

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At Five Good Friends, we're committed to fostering long, happy working relationships by matching you with the best Members for your skills, availability, location and personality.

We get you off to a good start by providing what we hope will be an ideal introduction. Then, you take over from there - continuing to work with the Members you choose to work with. Our model lets you agree terms with Members and their families. The relationship is yours to foster and enjoy. It sure beats working with new strangers every week!

We match you with Members based on:


Question: how close you are to the Member?

We try to match you to Members that are in your neighbourhood. This allows Helpers to spend less time travelling plus you know the local area and community.

Consistency and Availability

Question: does your availability to provide services match the requirements of the Member?

Relationships are important, especially when it comes to care. We take care to sure it’s the same people week-on-week dedicated to you.

Rates - will the Member be able to receive their required number of hours of help at your hourly rate?

Qualifications & Experience

Question: Do you have sufficient experience to provide the kind of services required by the Member? Has the Member requested a Helper with a particular skill (ie, language) or from a particular background or personality type?

It’s important that the Helper providing support has the training, skills and confidence needed for the Member. Helpers provide detail on their qualifications and experience. Five Good Friends verifies the information provided, talks to referees and reviews all background checks.


Outcomes are better when the people have common ground to build a relationship. During the onboarding process, Five Good Friends records personality attributes that allow us to match the right person. This includes likes, interests and hobbies.

If we don't have an ideal match for you right away, we'll let you know. We keep your details securely on file for when a new Member joins Five Good Friends that is a perfect match for you! 

Gaining qualifications, competencies and setting a competitive hourly rate are all great ways that you can be matched with more Members.


Five Good Friends prides itself on being the best matchmaker in the business. We understand that the right Helper match can make all the difference. Relationships are as important as the support provided. When inviting people into your home, it’s important everyone feels comfortable.

What you want comes first

The first step to finding the right Helper is asking the person that needs support and their family what they want. We’ll give you our recommendations, but at the end of the day, it’s your home and up to you who you invite into your lives.

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